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What is the difference between the "Traditional Pinata" and the "Play Action" pinata?
The "Play Action Pinata" contains a patented device which safely launches the candy up into the air when a person throwing a soft play action ball hits the target located on the pinata. The "Traditional Pinata" model does not have the eruption effect. You hit it with a stick just like a regular pinata.

How does the "Play Action" model work?
The Play Action Pinata contains a patented device which safely launches the candy up into the air when a person throwing a soft play action ball hits the target located on the pinata. Up to 1 lb. of candy can be loaded into the pinata and each person gets a turn throwing the soft Play Action ball at the target. Once the candy erupts, you can immediately re-load the pinata for another round of play. Each person takes his or her turn throwing the ball to try and open the pinata.

Do you hang them up, or do they sit on a table?
Because of the launching action, the "Play Action Pinata" model works best when placed on a table or on the ground. Just make sure there is nothing behind or above the pinata that may get hit when the candy erupts. The Play Action ball is soft, but it is still heavy enough to knock things over and break them, so use common sense. You should always place the pinata in an open area. The "Traditional Pinata" model is usually hung by a rope attached to the pinata.

Can you re-load them? How?
That is the beauty of a Play Action Pinata. It can be re-loaded immediately. After the candy erupts, all you have to do is push down the inside of the candy tube until it locks into place, refill with candy, and you are ready to go again.

What do you use to hit the target?
Each Play Action Pinata comes with 3 soft, Hacky Sack® type balls that are used to throw at the target. We recommend that you only use the approved Play Action ball to throw at the target. If you use anything else, like say a grapefruit, you're on your own. You could damage the pinata and your reputation as a great party giver.

Should I look directly into the top after the candy is loaded?
Are you serious?...Do Not get any body parts, especially your face, around or near the top of the pinata after loading it with candy. You may accidentally trigger the device which can result in serious injury.

Should I hold or aim the pinata at anyone after being loaded?

Your mom told you a long time ago not to aim that thing at anyone. The same applies for the Play Action Pinatas. Do not hold it while it's loaded, as it may trigger and cause serious injury. Never aim the pinata at anyone!

Should I put sharp objects or any liquid inside the candy tube?
The answer is NO. Only put wrapped candy inside the pinata.

Do the pinatas come pre-loaded with candy?
No, sorry the pinatas do not come pre-loaded. You can purchase the candy of your choice for loading.

How much candy can be loaded into each pinata?

The Play Action Pinata was designed to operate with about two scooping handfulls of candy per load. You can still buy 10 lbs. of candy, but do not load more than two scooping handfulls of candy for each turn. Loading more than this will cause the eruption to be less exciting when the target is hit.

Should I try and stuff the candy in tight so I can get more in there?
No, if you stuff the candy in the tube it may jam the mechanism and the candy will not come out. Just drop the candy in the tube, do not over stuff the tube or push down on the candy trying to make more room. This will just damage the pinata. Remember, the Play Action Pinata can be reloaded and played again, and again, and again.

What colors do they come in?
Right now they are available in several different colors. Please check the pinata page for the colors that are currently available.

Can I get one personalized with my child's name on it?
Soon we will be able to customize a pinata for you. Our first model is a volcano, but we will soon have many choices to choose from. Such as a wide variety of cartoon characters, animals, or whatever is your child's favorite item. We will be able to customize your Play Action Pinata in the near future.

Are they available in stores?
Not yet, but we hope to have them available in many retail outlets soon. Right now, the only place you can get them is here.

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